The intensification of e-commerce and the use of the Internet has led legislators to frame these practices, in order to protect users of these sites and consumers.

Thus, companies wanting to develop their activities through an electronic platform must comply with a number of legal criteria, particularly since the strengthening data protection provisions and the development of the collaborative economy.

Lexplana provides strategic support to help you structure and grow your business on the Internet in a proactive and dynamic manner, while respecting the national, European and international regulatory framework.

In the structuring of your project, we ensure to protect your intellectual property assets, to allow you to be compliant with regard to the processing of personal data, the respect of the consumer and the provisions of online commerce.

We work on the structuring of online marketing projects (BtoB and BtoC) or collaborative economy platforms.

The protection and security of your website is ensured by the drafting of various documents necessary to the exploitation of the site: general conditions of sale, general conditions of services, legal notices and general conditions of use, among others. Given the state of the current data protection regulation, we protect the processing of personal data through general conditions of data processing but also by a personalized assistance on the design of mechanisms of data protection and data processing within your organization.

Since the collaborative economy has developed to a great extent in recent times, a new way of working and exchanging is needed, which implies the fulfillment of the new tax and social rules in this area. Our law firm ensures that you are in compliance with these new rules.


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