In a context of globalization and internationalization of trade, extending commercial activities internationally has become an attractive growth driver for companies. The determination of a precise strategy adapted to the country of development of the activities is necessary.

Lexplana has an international presence: having offices in France, Spain and Colombia. We specialize in the structuring of cross-border investments, particularly between France and the Spanish-speaking countries.

In addition to our teams based in Paris, Barcelona and Bogotá, Lexplana has local partners in most countries in Latin America, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Our teams are able to assist companies in structuring the process of internationalization of the company including, depending on the needs of the project, the creation of a new structure, the acquisition of shares of a locally existing company, the establishment of contracts and completion of formalities allowing the company to develop locally, as well as the assistance in the participation in tenders, particularly in Colombia.

Lexplana attends:

  • French individuals and companies wishing to set up in Spain or Latin America and particularly in Colombia.
  • Individuals and Latin American companies wishing to establish or develop business relations in Europe and particularly in France and Spain.

We identify the legal and tax structuring options, adapting them to your situation or your project, while measuring the tax risk.

Our team accompanies you:

  • In the structuring of the financial flows of your activity, according to the place of situation of your patrimony or your residence.
  • In the legal and tax management of your real estate investments in France and elsewhere.

Lexplana offers a tailor-made service for turnkey projects:

  • In the international development of your company, the registration of your investment; from the constitution to the local implementation of your company.
  • In the drafting and negotiation of contracts allowing the marketing of your products and services. This assistance extends both financially and fiscally.
  • In your participation in tenders for public or private contracts.

To complete our offer in non-legal areas but necessary to the establishment of your business, Lexplana is surrounded by a network of non-legal specialists in Europe and Latin America (international accounting, real estate agents, network developers, insurers, customs services, tax administrations).


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