Based in our Bogota’s office, Gerardo develops his professional activity in the field of business, both in business consulting and in defense of clients before the Colombian courts. He has over 20 years of experience in business law consulting. He particularly assists foreign companies in the merger and acquisition of Colombian companies and in the process of local implementation of them.

Within the framework of the legal advice that he provides, he has focused his expertise in the protection of intellectual property, commercial contracts, the defense of competition law and the prevention of misleading advertising. Given his trajectory, he gained significant experience in regulatory matters, corporate law and consumer advocacy.

Gerardo is a practicing lawyer in Bogotá, specializing in corporate law at Javeriana University (Colombia) He is professor of business law at the Catholic University of Colombia, Rosario University and the School of Higher Education of the Administration-CESA.

Gerardo speaks Spanish and English.


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63, avenue Franklin Roosevelt
+ 33(0) 1 42 56 14 00
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