Anne-Laure has extensive professional experience as a lawyer in France and Spain. She assists French companies and individuals, mainly in Spanish real estate law, in matters of inheritance, commercial law and international litigation. Having a law degree in France and Spain, she has a great knowledge of French and Spanish culture, making it essential for the French clients of the firm.

Anne-Laure was born in Soyaux (France) and graduated in Law from the University of Poitiers and the University of Barcelona. She also holds a Master’s degree in Patrimonial Law from the University of Poitiers and is currently a member of the Bar Association of Barcelona. Before joining the firm, she worked as a lawyer at Carbray Abogados in Barcelona. She also worked at Fidal, Légier / Lozié / Gervais de Lafond in Angoulême and at the Notary Studies of Mr. Rumeau in Champniers (France).


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